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I'm Clancy and I bring hard-earned, special forces field skills and a lifelong pursuit of outdoor adventures together to offer world-class information and training in navigation, the use of field optics, and bush skills for everyone. My affinity for the outdoors began as a child when my mother would often take me with her on multi day hiking adventures in the Tasmanian wilderness. I maintained my enthusiasm for outdoor pursuits into adulthoodand my love of adventure led me to join the military where I served for 13 years in both regular infantry and special operations. My experiences created an exponential growth in my knowledge and comfort in incredibly diverse environments. I believe that getting off the grid and spending time in the great outdoors is a great way to destress and find some quiet in this crazy world. No matter your reason for getting out there, a little knowledge can increase your enjoyment, comfort and safety while getting off the beaten path. Here at Way-finder field skills, I aim to impart some of the lessons I have learned so that others can enjoy time outdoors with the confidence and safety that I cherish so much. Courses are available for beginners and for those that have experience in navigation. All courses are perfect for hikers, orienteering and rogaining participants, as well as anyone who enjoys time in the wilderness.

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