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I can help your child with schoolwork, homework and/or social skills. I can also help with any of the following areas: * Technical (reading and writing) * Cognitive (reasoning, logic and problem solving) * Interpersonal (leadership and team work) * Creative (ingenuity and inventiveness) Difficulties at school can impact on children's emotional well-being and can manifest in: * Socialisation and friendship problems and/or * Low confidence I have over 30 years' experience teaching primary and secondary English and Drama. I was one of the first Australian teachers trained in ‘Positive Psychology' by the University of Pennsylvania with Dr. Martin Seligman. I love kids and my aim is always to create a fun yet productive learning environment that encourages children to take the responsibility for their own learning, their own interactions with others and to feel proud of their achievements. A lot of my work is done by Zoom now so distance from Geelong is not a problem. Call me for a chat I will be able to to tell you if I can assist. No obligation. I offer: Individual sessions Blocks of 5 sessions Or longer term support Annabel Meek

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