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Why choose Thingy Flip?

THINGY FLIP FOR KIDS Fun Games. Learn Tricks. Improve Hand-Eye Coordination. Addictive fun: kids can't put it down! THINGY FLIP= CREATING SUPER FLIPPING HUMANS Would you like to increase your brain activity? And have fun doing it? Are you kids struggling to concentrate and focus on school and sport? Studies have shown that eye hand coordination exercises will improve your short-term focus and long-term concentration. This will flow into many other areas of your life such as school and sport. We have invented the Thingy Flip which is a Cube you put your hand into one side. Thingy Flip will have you tossing and catching with 5 different sides of our Thingy Flip cube, helping your concentration, focus, confidence and reactions. Now with Thingy Flip, you can train your mind by having fun! No matter if you're a young kid learning how to catch, or a professional Sports Person who needs to improve their hand-eye coordination, Thingy Flip is a great way to get started. Play anywhere e.g. in your backyard, in a park, or even your living room. We all still Teach our kids to catch buy Tossing a ball at little Johnny and he drops it. So we wait 6 months and try again finally he catches his first ball. The biggest reason Little Johnny takes so long to catch is he doesn't get enough practice, coaching or tools. The Thingy Flip help them start slowly and work their eye hand coordination with clear targets achievements. (Licence system) We believe we can get kids catching 6 months or more sooner than they currently do using the Thingy Flip. This helps them get ahead in school and sport. Our Video training is done by Dominic See the inventor who has done 1000 flips without droping the sack he will walk you through every step to give your child the skills to get to Black Licence. 10 minutes a day is whats required. Over 8 weeks.

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