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PARENTHOOD IS DEMANDING . . . we may marvel at the intellectual achievements of rocket scientists but nothing on this planet can outshine the accomplishment of a well raised human child. The Whealth Legacy is an interactive on-line course teaching parents the art of raising their children through strategic balance between scientific knowledge and ancient wisdom. Most busy parents have neither time nor inclination to keep abreast with the latest in Brain Science or the world of Quantum Physics, yet when you are up to your armpits in parenthood, that is the time you really need to know what is ‘under the hood' of your developing child. This critical yet fundamental information is not documented in trending publications on ‘How to Raise a Healthy Child', and it is not taught in any school, anti-natal class or Mother-care group. However, it is immensely valuable to know how your child's mind is powerfully shaping their own character, not through either nature or nurture (as we debate), but in spite of parents' genes and the environment they provide. Raising your child to become a fully functional, mature, self-managing adult is not impossibly difficult, I assure you. However, it does require discovering the difference between what you believe your conscious parenting objectives are, and what you are unconsciously doing each day that can powerfully override even your greatest well-meaning intentions. The ‘Whealth Legacy' premise acknowledges great wealth is created from being healthy in all five facets of human life expression . . . physically, mentally, soulfully, emotionally and socially. The way you personally present in these five facets of life is called your character, and your character is formed from the beliefs you hold about yourself. These limiting beliefs were created by your own mind in childhood in response to that which had the power of influence over you . . . ‘the hand that rocked your cradle'. Childhood can leave us with deep seated wounds, most of them unconsciously buried, but we are given insufficient (if any) training from our parents for successful adult self-management – we are ‘all grown up', but dangerously fragile. The Whealth Legacy Program has been created to coach parents in acquiring knowledge and wisdom to support their own mature self-management so they may consciously model this behaviour to their children. Knowledge and wisdom in the hands of consciously mature, fully functioning, self-managing parents is fence-building at the top of the cliff for our children, instead of needing the ambulance below. Course Enquires - please email or text (to request call back), many thanks.

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