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The Forever Project is a proud local West Australian business. We're a multi-award winning organisation dedicated to inspiring and empowering community to work towards a sustainable, happy and prosperous future. With an outstanding reputation as a leading community education organisation, that includes a team of WA's best known and most respected sustainability experts, The Forever Project has established a position of excellence in the development and implementation of innovative educational events and project programs. These include: Great Gardens: a multi-award winning programme that has reached more than 85,000 West Australians with environmental and sustainability education Heavenly Hectares: an innovative programme for landholders that has reached over 15,000 people with valuable sustainable property management information FoodTheatre: showcasing a new and enlightened approach to the concept from garden to plate Landcare Solutions Consultancy: a design and land care specialist that provides quality services for your property ForeverVision: a high quality online video series initially developed for the Great Gardens programme as part of an innovative online resource called GGTV School excursions and children's education, reaching more than 13,000 students Advocacy and Keynotes - public relations, guest speakers and media features

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