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In an increasingly fast-changing world where 60% of young people are training for jobs that will no longer exist in 20 years, our mission is to help students confidently answer the difficult question, “What on earth do I do with my life when I finish school, and how do I get there?” How I can Help You!!! (1) Excel at school through world-class tutoring & mentoring so they have options for tertiary study (2) Apply successful for scholarships and tertiary study to successfully navigate the transition from school (3) Develop critical word readiness skills demanded by employers through our Career and Leadership programs Based on 8 years of research we've conducted with Australia's top students, we've built a reputation for our holistic approach to helping students develop strong academic foundations and critical life skills. We are proud to have helped over 4,000 students in NSW and Victoria on average achieve mark improvements of 19.41% and helped students successfully transition from school to rewarding and challenging further studies and careers. Along the way, we've been featured on the ABC and SBS and in the Sun Herald, Daily Telegraph and Perth Times. We've also won or been named a finalist in 10 Business Awards for Excellence in Education, Service and Innovation.

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