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While on a morning run along Torquay beach in Victoria, Australia; Sean Purcell went into cardiac arrest and his heart stopped beating - Sean was left face first in the water. What happened next was truly remarkable. A group of quick thinking strangers came together to administer life saving CPR for more than 45 minutes, sourced a defibrillator and re-started Sean's heart before Paramedics could stabilise him and air-lift him to hospital. Sean's prognosis was bleak, clinically dead for 45 minutes - if he was to survive; his family were told he would suffer permanent brain damage. But Sean did survive and thrived, and is here to share his story: the collapse, a five-day coma, a journey of recovery and his quest to find and thank the locals who saved his life that went global! 6 years on and Sean is making the most of his second shot at life. He is a proud member of Lifechanger Foundation, heading up engagement with some of Australia's biggest companies and partnering with them to deliver holistic self-development workshops for teens with the mission of creating and sustaining safe and resilient communities in every corner of Australia. After many years of wondering if he will ever be able to run again, December 2020 will see Sean tackling his first Ultra Marathon - the ‘Surf Coast Century' a 100KM run through Victoria's stunning South Coast, the first step towards his ultimate dream of one day competing in a 200 mile race, proving that any of us are capable of doing anything! Sean is now driven to share his story and highlight the beauty of the human condition. His talk focuses on the importance of gratitude, how capable we all are when faced with direct opportunity or adversity and the need for all of us to capitalise on our skill set and live a life of purpose!

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