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Working Health
Working Health is a leader in the field of injury management and prevention. We have developed procedures and education packages for a variety of industries to specifically meet their needs. Ergonomic assessments, case management and workplace f
Styled By Pania
Hair, make up and turorials for all occasions using clean botanical based products. My bigger vision is to educate people on how to achieve their own individual style.
Chandler Early Advanced Tutors - Proud affiliate of Tutor Group (TG)
Our early advanced programs are based on a variety of curriculum approaches that are used to achieve the development and education of children between the ages of 2 to 5 years old. We focus on creating a child-centred environment and develop an indiv
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Pizzazz Sales Training
Team building and professional sales training for individuals or small groups. Anybody can learn to sell with the right training. Professional salespeople are the highest paid of any profession. I can work with your sales team or one on one with ke
Phil Hoare Autoimmune Transformation Specialist
Feel Better Than You Have In Years Learn how to get into a true state of alkalinity and can GET YOUR HEALTH BACK on track. Better Sleep, wake up feeling refreshed and you take control of your day. Increased Energy, oxygen to cells is key to en
ACU Tertiary Tutors - Proud affiliate of Tutor Group (TG)
We understand how difficult it can be to learn in a tertiary environment. We also understand the enormous strain that COVID has placed on students. Our goal is to empower tertiary students to thrive and learn by ensuring they understand first princip
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We are a team of educators with a passion for technology that recognise in a rapidly changing world, technology is influencing the way we live and who we are. By becoming creators of technology we will be able to leverage its potential to make a posi
Paint'n'Pour Art Studio
Adult art classes private and group bookings Acrylic Pour, Paint n Sip, Resin, Paint Your Pet, Powertex Sculpture Children's art classes and parties Commissions Art hire for selling homes Home furnishings
Lighthouse Safety & Compliance
Lighthouse safety and compliance provides safety and compliance services to the hospitality industry. Services include safety assistance, fire training, liquor and gaming compliance, and online safety and training platforms.
David Harrison
Financial education through the Academy of a Private Investor (API). Learn about (NEEW) the New Economic Evolution of the World.
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