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Dear Parents, Would you like to give your child the very best opportunity to excel in mathematics? We are delighted to announce that Rob Prior, founder and CEO of Prior Education Australia, is offering one-on-one mathematics tuition to a very limited number of students. For more than 40 years Rob's college, Prior Education Australia, has helped more than 20,000 HSC students achieve exceptional results in their studies and gain entry into the university courses of their choice. There are four secrets to Rob's students success: 1. Rob helps the students to develop a deep understanding of the work. 2. He has the rare ability of making complex concepts seem simple, by using a step-by-step approach. 3. Rob uses powerful psychology to boost his students' confidence and self-esteem. 4. Last but not least, Rob makes the learning experience fun! One of the keys to the extraordinary improvements of Rob's students is his use of the Socratic Method, named after the ancient Greek philosopher Socrates. This involves encouraging the student to think for themselves, by asking them well-crafted questions, instead of just telling them the answers. Rob has an extraordinary ability to fast-track students to the peak of their potential in mathematics. His students often make dramatic improvements in their school results within a few short months. Time is of the essence. The sooner your child starts tuition, the more impressive their results will be. To book in or for more information please call 0412266803

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