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Oxford Performance Centre was formed on the belief that excellence and achievement don't happen by accident but through the dedicated application of an intelligent programme designed around the needs of each individual. Our goals are very simple: to help our clients achieve their dreams through the highest level of personal training and lifestyle coaching. For us, nothing else matters, and our business is run as a direct reflection of that goal. Our team works collectively to advise each client on his/her specific needs. Our clients trust us to get them where they want to be, in the shortest amount of time and in the most enjoyable manner possible. We have a method that constantly adapts to each individual's unique needs, circumstances, physical make-up and goals. To be the best Personal Training business requires constant dedication and commitment to our own continued education, and as such you will find that we are informed and qualified in almost every aspect of the fitness lifestyle. Our Trainers and Coaches are fully qualified and have all studied with leading organisations such as The Australian Sports Institute, Poliquin Institute, CHEK institute, Precision Nutrition. They are CrossFit certified and continue to receive training through our own education programme. These credentials are backed up by our extensive experience with training real people to achieve real results.

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