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OFF THE STREET are offering hip hop workshops that contain all aspects and elements of hip hop. The students form and name their own crew and get to represent in a yearly battle. Slowly the crew will form their own routine with a unique piece of music and style. The students will very quickly learn to work as a team and develop very important social and leadership skills. They will be sure to have improved on their self confidence, and awareness of their body and musical feel. OFF THE STREET will guide the crew through a very committed year and will always be introducing inspiring artists into the workshops, as they know you can never stop learning off other artists. By 4th term the crew will have a name, T- shirts with their logo, a mural of which they have gaffed themselves, a routine that they can use for competitions and concerts, and will then attend the yearly battle that will be held in November We are offering these programs into all dance schools, High schools and Primary schools.

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