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OPIE is a Registered Training Organization, that meets administrative, delivery, staffing, facility, marketing, financial, quality assurance and assessment standards agreed by the Federal, State and Territory governments in Australia. The National registered Authority body monitors our management and subjects us to regular external audits to verify adherence to these standards. Oceania Polytechnic Institute of Education (OPIE) exhibits a history of 31 years by specializing in fields of Fine Arts, Architecture, The Built Environment and Design. It was founded and registered under the Business Name Act (Victoria) in Melbourne on the 29th February 1988 as Oceania Polytechnic. School of Architecture was established in 1988 and began operating in 1989 academic year. In 1990 the School of Design, School of Drafting and the School of Fine Arts were established, 1992 saw the addition of the School of Planning. In 1996, the full business name became Oceanic Polytechnic Institute of Education Pty Ltd.

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