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Graeme Murray - Piano Teacher
The piano is one of the many musical instruments that Italy gave to the world, so why not learn how to play it with Australia's oldest and most reputable Italian cultural society? Whether you want tailored piano lessons or music theory tuition for pe
UOW Tertiary Tutors - Proud affiliate of Tutor Group (TG)
We understand how difficult it can be to learn in a tertiary environment. We also understand the enormous strain that COVID has placed on students. Our goal is to empower tertiary students to thrive and learn by ensuring they understand first princip
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Wollongong Specialised Tutors - Proud affiliate of Tutor Group (TG)
Our programs involve specialised tutoring for all learning needs, diagnoses, and complexities. These include (but are not limited to), dyslexia, autism, ADHD, generalised learning delays, intellectual disability, and advanced programs through to PhD
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Sing In Style - Online Singing Classes
Learn how to ‘Sing In Style' with MELODIQUE. Enjoy a variety of online classes and private online lessons by choosing your favorite subscription package. We teach you all aspects of vocal technique and run specialized classes to help you breath b
SINGsational was founded by Carmel Leonard and is coming up to its 11th year in operation. It is located 5 minutes North of Wollongong in the suburb of Fairy Meadow, NSW. SINGsational's Mission Statement: is to develop and establish an understand
Inside Inspiration
Insights Discovery Learning & Development Partner providing Personal, Team, Sales and Leadership Personality Profiles and Learning Programs
Tia the Oil Lady - Aromatherapist
I am a passionate aromatherapist and for over 25yr have been teaching aromatherapy to the masses, my speciality is de-mystifying aromoatherapy so everyone can benefit from the amazing potential of essential oils in their homes. I have FREE classes
Damo's Tutoring
Tutor for: - Extension mathematics - Physics - Chemistry - Standard English - Engineering
Brain Wise Learning
We help children and adults to read and learn better by improving their memory, attention, language processing skills and mindset. Our online neuroscience programs are being used by speech pathologists and schools all over the world and work because
My Math Tutor
Mathematics tutoring for NSW High School students. I have been a Maths Head Teacher for 28 years in the NSW curriculum. During the time I have taught the new Stage 6 Extension 1, Advanced & Standard 2 courses. Remedial tuition for High S
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