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Building a business is TOUGH. It's lonely. It's a shock to the system. We get it. We currently own over 13 different companies between us, so we are living, breathing proof of business success and understand the path involved to get there. We've been through the highs and the lows, and this real-life knowledge is fed through the courses. This is REAL business education at its best. In 2018, Joanne Brooks and Nick Barnsdall founded Navig8Biz with the intention to elevate business owners and entrepreneurs to new heights by educating business in an easy, fun and accessible way – online! Written by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, Navig8Biz is the platform that educates business owners with real-life knowledge. Learning how to keep your business afloat has never been more important. Nick and Jo launched Navig8Biz with a mission to empower business owners and entrepreneurs to achieve the success they have always hoped for, run the business of their dreams and find the freedom they deserve. Armed with the knowledge that only 20% of businesses will survive the first five years, and over 50% of the workforce will be self-employed by 2021, Navig8Biz set out to change the way entrepreneurs approach business and increase the success and longevity of businesses the world over. Navig8Biz was founded on the desire to lift you from startup to success and to give you a better business and a better life. Join our community of mentors and business owners, and start building the business of your dreams. LET'S DO THIS! - Over 100 lessons - Over 200 tools - Webinars - Podcasts - Workshops - Private facebook group On-the-go Learning The course content is available to you no matter where you are in the world. And you can pick up where you left off anytime. The modules can be read in succession or individually, aligning with your current journey in business at any given time. This education system leaves no man behind – the playing field is level and the opportunity to be a successful business owner or entrepreneur has never been more accessible. You can revisit your learning whenever you need a refresher – the courses are yours to keep forever.

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