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I am a Brazilian 35 year old guy from the first generation in my family to travel abroad and now living in Melbourne, Australia. I had the opportunity to live in a less privileged environment and learned to see humans as equals. Raised in an all women house by a super brave mother and a strong older sister I am used to listening and having empathy. I have studied Script Writing, Editing and Directing with top Professors and Professionals, thanks to a full scholarship. I worked and studied at the Film School for 4 years and collaborated with a lot of short movies as a sound technician, editor and cinematographer, also projecting movies at the cine club and mentoring the school's editing station as well. I have always tried my best to become familiar with multiple areas, and my friends realized my talent for camera operating before I could. After Film School I continued working as a sound technician and editor, and then I had my first opportunity as a cinematographer out of school: a documentary series, to travel around the whole country filming educational projects that changed the life of poor kids, including native people in the heart of the Amazon forest. I was blessed to start my career as cinematographer like this. Nowadays I have enough experience to be at any kind of production, from feature films to low budget projects, and I have the knowledge to produce high quality videos on my own as well as work as a Videographer. I'm used to thinking about the whole process from the scratch and I love to create in collaboration with open minded people, no matter the production value. Creative with an inexhaustible imagination (still learning how to deal with it) I have a strong body awareness and sense of space. I'm a detail-oriented and multi task person at the same time. After trying a lot of different things in my life, today I am sure of my natural talent for camera work on set. Passionate about lighting, framing, and technology in general, I spent my last years exploring my creativity in locations, studios and post-production rooms and I can bet that this is what I am going to do for the rest of my life. Lack of resources was never a problem for me and it will never be. I am an improviser, a maker, committed to turn ideas into reality no matter the conditions I have. I believe that there will always be an authentic way to tell every kind of story and I am looking forward to working with nice people who believe the same.

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