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Loong Fu Pai was established in Victoria, Australia in 1981 and has classes throughout the South Eastern suburbs and also in Queensland. Loong Fu Pai Martial Arts teaches and promotes confidence, self esteem encouraging group interaction. There is an emphasis on discipline, self defence and co-ordination. It is a great way to meet people in a club and family environment. Loong Fu Pai is a FREE Style incorporating the arts of Karate, Kung Fu, Weaponry, Aikijutsu (Mushindo) & Kickboxing in a friendly atmosphere open to all who wish to participate. Our style is based on the Chinese Shaolin animals, their studied movements and attributes. Loong means Dragon, Fu means Tiger Pai means Style or group, or simply clan (in Japanese it is KAI). One of the many chambers in Shaolin Temple was called LOONG FU TANG which literally means DRAGON & TIGER CHAMBER. The style techniques are based on these five Shaolin animals Loong (Dragon) implying SPEED, Fu (Tiger) implying SWIFT total body movements, Par (Leopard) implies AGILITY, Sher (Snake) implies FLUIDITY, Park Hock (Crane) for calmness.

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