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Our INTUITION, our INNER-TUITION is the most underdeveloped yet the most valuable assets that we have. It is our INNER NAVIGATION system that when set to the HIGHEST of intention can take you to places you never knew possible. The INNER COMPASS INTUITION MASTERY online course offers you a comprehensive and practical guide to not only MASTERING YOUR INTUITION but as a grounding for SELF MASTERY and SELF-AWARENESS. It is the gateway to becoming an INNER COMPASS PRACTITIONER. Intuition Mastery Curriculum Welcome What is Intuition? HIGHER NAVIGATION Guided Meditation Everything you need to know about your pendulum QUESTION YOUR THINKING PRIORITIES Priority Lists & Dowsing Charts The Treasure Hunt Open Your Mind How to give a basic reading Muscle Testing Grounding techniques Breath Exploration The Inner Compass Intuition Kit

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