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Glitterbug hand washing training and hand sanitiser training. Ideal for hospitality, schools, medical, and aged care. Glitterbug hand washing training products are a fun and effective way to show people how to wash their hands. What lessons have we learned from COVID-19? THE GLOBAL COVID-19 pandemic has really opened our eyes about how diseases spread between people and we have learned the importance of social distancing and hand hygiene. But understanding the importance of good hand hygiene is one thing – learning how to actually achieve it is another. That's where GlitterBug comes in. What is GlitterBug? The GlitterBug Range of hand hygiene training products GlitterBug helps you show them the right techniques GlitterBug is a range of training products that are invisible in normal light (just like germs), but glow under UV light. So if your job is to teach people about germs and the importance of hand hygiene, GlitterBug means you don't just tell them about the subject, you give them a fun, interactive and extremely memorable demonstration. GlitterBug can be used for teaching any age from kindergarten to seniors. Individual Products GlitterBug Potion GlitterBug Gel GlitterBug Powder GlitterBug UV Torch The Rotten Food CookBook Kits Hand Washing Training Kit Hand Sanitiser Training Kit Cross Contamination Training Kit Primary School Kit High School Kit GlitterBug Whole School Kit Standard Hand Hygiene Training Kit Professional Hand Hygiene Training Kit Deluxe Kit with Disclosure Unit Premium Kit With Large Disclosure Centre

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