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Freedom Through Property book available on 100% Qoin. Other property courses and memberships also available on part Qoin. Looking for true freedom without a job? When you create your own lifestyle instead of settling into the 9-5 grind that people believe they have no choice in avoiding, then you are free to do what you want to do every day. This does not mean you have no responsibilities. You just control them instead of them controlling you. It is easy to tell why 90% of the world's millionaires have chosen property as their vehicle. Property is supported by banks, governments and fulfils one of our basic human needs. Unlike most other investments it is also multi-dimensional which means you are not just relying on cash flow or growth, it provides you both. In this book you will learn how to find the right type of property for you, how much income producing assets you need to quit your job, 7 traps new property investors need to avoid, how to create wealth and freedom, how many properties you need depending on your lifestyle goals, how to get started, grow your portfolio and operate on cruise control. The author is a multi-millionaire who created wealth at a young age and now has a passion for helping others become truly free! If freedom is your goal, the "slow-fast way", then this book is for you! George Markoski Positive Property Solutions Adelaide

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