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Cultivating Knowledge is a mobile tutoring service that aims to nurture children's understanding of their school work. The main subjects tutored are Primary and Secondary Maths and English , Primary Sciences, Secondary Physics and Chemistry. Lesson Description... My teaching methodology differs with each student as each student learns in a different way. I try to explain a particular subject with multiple ways and examples of how the student may best comprehend what is being explained. From there I will work out the best way this particular student can increase their understanding in a practical way. The Lesson Structure 1. I determine the strengths and weaknesses of the student. 2. I structure numerous step by step methods of explanations targeting the students' weaknesses to generate maximum understanding. 3. I provide the student with a number of questions for them to answer in front of me so that I can see if they have grasped the concepts taught. Essentially strengthening both their strengths and weaknesses simultaneously. Lastly giving homework after each lesson and an assessment after 3hrs of lessons. You will be surprised at the short amount of time it will take to see true progress with your child.

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