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Cook & Clan birthed from the love of cooking that I have with my children and community. I believe that we as a society have strayed so far from food commonsense and intuition that we don't know what to eat and how to cook anymore. Every other few months we hear about a new food diet or a new food that becomes bad or becomes good. We watch cooking shows on tv and think we need to cook, entertain and eat like that to be healthy and happy. Why? I would like to inspire people to connect with their needs and individualism through food. Cook & Clan is about empowering people and families to learn how to cook for themselves. How to take real whole food and turn it into nutritious, healing and restoring fuel for your body. How to know what is good and what is bad for YOUR body. How to reach for something that grew from the ground rather than something in a packet. How to enjoy cooking and how to make it second nature. I strongly believe that learning to cook real food independently should begin from a young age and that's why I have come up with a cooking course for kids as young as 3. There is no greater gift than teaching a child on how to nurture their body. Everybody needs to eat eventually. This isn't minimalism or veganism or whateverism. This is basic. Simple. Real. Deliciousness. Done together. XX Nicole

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