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Maths Tutor for students of all abilities from Year 5 to 11. Maths Tutor for very challenged students Maths Tutor for students who want to be accelerated ONLINE TUTORING....WEEKLY, FORTNIGHTLY OR INTENSIVES ACCESS TO ONLINE COMPUTER PROGRAM IF REQUIRED SUCCESS GUARANTEED $55 per hour I am passionate about teaching kids Maths. I believe Maths provides a perfect platform to teach children to think, to ask questions, to admit they don't understand and to feel OK about it.....regardless of their aptitude for Maths. I really enjoy sussing out how a child thinks and gently steering them in a direction to make things easier. As a mother and experienced tutor, I have had plenty of experience in understanding how children function and the best ways to motivate and encourage them. The skills of being able to identify and communicate what it is that you don't understand, to take the help you need in order that you understand and then to apply your knowledge to slightly different situations are life long skills that can be applied to many situations in life. I am happy to sit with a student (these days online), and identify what strategies they are using to tackle problems and suggest a range of different strategies that may be more useful in tackling the problem. I find that once these options are explained to kids and they realise that they have been doing things the hard way and a light bulb goes on in their head. Years 5 to 10 Maths naturally set a student up for the VCE years. If this knowledge is shaky then success will be very difficult in the VCE years. I thoroughly enjoy helping kids firm up this base knowledge so they can be off to a good start in their VCE. I work online usually via Skype but can of course use other platforms. I charge $55 per hour and usually do a free 30 minute "get to know each other session". I have Working with Children check and references. TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN Carolyn Reid has tutored my grade 9 son in Math for about 2 months. Prior to him commencing his lessons with Carolyn he really struggled with his confidence in Math and this was reflected in the poor grades he received in his report. After starting with Carolyn we noticed an immediate shift in his attitude toward Math as a subject and also in him completing his homework assignments. His progress reports have shown significant improvement in the last six weeks. We have found Carolyn to be professional and also very patient with Max and would gladly recommend her to anyone looking for a tutor for their child. Sincerely G. Kuhnen TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN Carolyn Reid has tutored my son in Maths throughout year 7. Will has always been challenged when it comes to maths but Carolyn's patient approach is proving to be very successful. Will enjoys the sessions and is even happy to have tutoring sessions on his Maths throughout the holidays, bringing him up to speed ready for year 8. The combination of an extremely good computer program with the extra explanation that Carolyn gives, is working very well. Sincerely, S. Warwick Carolyn has been amazing with my daughter!! Ash has always struggled with math and with lockdowns over the last couple of years she fell really behind, Carolyn worked with Ash to find where she was lacking in the fundamentals. I can't praise Carolyn enough with how she has helped Ash, not just with her math but her confidence to tackle other areas of learning. Without Carolyn I don't think Ash would have been able to pass year 11 math this year, Vicky Maynard

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