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Biology assignment guidance, review and drafting for Yr 11 & 12 students attending Australian schools or enrolled in distant learning. I am a former Head of Department with over 20+ years teaching experience in private and public schooling systems of criteria requirements of Senior Biology courses. APPROACH: My tutoring emphasises; 1) assignment criteria breakdown, 2) topic development, 3) writing in scientific format, 4) draft preparation, review and analysis as well as 5) ideas for effective biology exam preparation. PROCESS: Primarily conducted through some phone teleconferencing and via email drafting of assignments before final submission. TIMES: Available by appointment only on regular weekdays or evenings, (weekly, fortnightly or for specific tasks). COST: * 100% Qoin * $95 per hour * subject to possible negotiation based upon task complexity/requirements. Note: subject to time availability, student numbers etc.

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