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Awareness is specific. We teach awareness, we use movement to do it. We believe everyone makes the best choices given their options. Problems seem to arise when options are too limited be it movement-use of the self, expression and relating.Expanding options of self use and responses can achieve miraculous outcomes. Our definition of fitness is the speed of recovery… from insult and injury and achieving your goals and dreams. Augmentation of neurological function in the domain of self use. Learn how you learn best and you can learn to do anything you want the way you want. We have worked with and coached world champion street and vert skaters, Olympic athletes and world record holders.We have worked with musicians and producers and produced music nationally and internationally.. rage & MTV etc. We see the movement as central to all human endeavour from thinking to feeling and self Expression. It's amazing what paying attention to gentle movements in fine detail can achieve. We also have a strong interest in youth culture …The Feldenkrais method can work in amazing spheres!

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