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Art Therapy For Kids - Our goal Art Therapy For Kids is engaging, educational art works designed to bring out the "creative spirit of each child". The individuality of each child is nurtured and freed onto their unique pieces of art works. The lessons are taught by an experienced teacher of 25 years, educating from early to primary school children. The children's art works will be exposed to artists' works and then they incorporate their own talents into their art. Your child will learn new techniques incorporating different medias through teacher modelling leading to independent art works. Your child will learn the language of art such as shading, position, perspective, collage, mosaic, primary and secondary colours, landscape, portrait, mural, pigments, pallet, symmetry, textures, watercolours. The student will have simple exposure to the history of art movements, e.g. Cubism, Surrealism and Pop art. Artists' works are shown such as : Henry Matisse, Picasso, Salvador Dali. Building on the child's creativity, support their future career paths in architecture, art teacher, town planner, graphic designer, interior designer, book illustrator and they also develop creative thinking and design in general.

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