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Animation allows you to bring any concept to life with ease, impact and meaning. Animate to Educate is an animation studio focused on delivering meaningful, engaging and educational animation products. Working with a range of Companies, Schools, Associations, Educational Bodies and Universities to deliver their messages into meaningful content. We have a team of highly skilled animators, creatives, voice-over artists, and project managers to ensure our customers are thrilled with their animations. Our goal is to get a clear understanding of your desired outcomes so that we can re-create your vision. Animate to Educate offers: • Development of GIFS - simple moving images (often explain a concept visually) • Explainer Animations • Marketing Animations • Educational Animations • Technical Animations - to explain a scientific concept 3D Animation We work with you to develop the plan, write the script, arrange the voiceover, select appropriate music and create the animation. Need an animation in your viewers language? We have access to professional voice over artists who can narrate animations in many different languages. To see our portfolio of videos visit our web site (link below). There are also a couple of Vimeo video links below in the Social Networks section showcasing our work.

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