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OUR CHILDREN ARE OUR FUTURE! If 2020 taught us one thing, it was that we have somehow lost control of our own destiny. The 1% now control the 99%, and it is very scary what that has translated into during the course of 2020. CRITICAL THINKING HAS GONE OUT THE DOOR! It has been several decades since this very concept has been taught in schools. Sadly, it is now discouraged in the entire worldwide education system. Once upon a time, in what seems so long ago now, when the teaching profession was revered, the minds of children were nurtured by teachers who were in the profession because they were genuinely excited about the prospect of helping to realise the potential of those precious minds in their care. Now, unfortunately, a large percentage of our teachers today are illiterate. Add to this the reality that many of these also are not teaching because they have a passion for their profession nor because they are excited about the prospect of influencing some of their pupils to go on to achieve their dreams, but simply for the pay check. Add to this the fact that governments have their own agendas they push through the education system to heavily condition our children throughout the 12 years they have access to their minds. THE GREAT AWAKENING What was extraordinary about 2020 was that tens of thousands of Australian and New Zealand children were taken out of the broken education system and home schooled by their parents. These families realised after the early lockdowns around our two countries, that what our children were being taught in this education model which is not delivering as well as it should for our children, was far from what they should be getting. I was one of those tens of thousands of parents who also took my daughter out of school and chose to home school her myself for the whole of 2020. And what I learned was quite liberating. My daughter and I not only formed a much closer bond this year, but we also covered twice as much content as the regular school curriculum in half of the time. IT WAS A TRULY REMARKABLE AND INSIGHTFUL YEAR FOR BOTH HER AND MYSELF. With both a business and life coaching background, maybe that was a little easier for me to achieve than the average parent out there. BREAK THE MOULD This might be true. But, what I have now realised is that many parents wish they could help their children more in order to think for themselves, but in many cases it is not feasible or practical to stop work and home school their children. So how can we support our children to break the mould? What I created this year for my daughter, to help her break free from this sheep mentality, was a system whereby she learns two extra non-curricular subjects that will support her to think for herself and to challenge the lies which we are being fed by both authorities and governments around the world in order to control our every move. I have attached a few topic sample sheets which you could get your own child to research next year to better equip them to challenge this 'new normal' which the governments keep programming us to believe is okay moving forward. If you are interested, I have prepared 80 subjects across 4 life areas (HEART, SOUL, MIND, HEALTH) so your child can do their own research instead of accepting everything they are fed to be the truth. There are 4 of these sample sheets in the images enclosed. This will also give them more balanced growth in all facets of life, both spiritually, mentally and emotionally, actually helping to create better little human beings. GREAT OFFER EXCLUSIVE TO QOIN FAMILIES I am selling the entire 40 weeks x 2 subjects (20 sheets for each LIFE AREA) which is a total of 80 sheets for only 20 Qoin. You will receive them digitally, and regardless of whether your children are being home schooled next year or enrolled in the school system, it will definitely help them to de-programme themselves and start to create new neural pathways to THINK FOR THEMSELVES. For further information either ring Craig on 0417 477 975, sms your best contact details or email your enquiry via the link above.

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